Village Green Apartments

Village Green Apartments
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After trying several different tree services that didn’t complete projects to their satisfaction, Village Green Apartments chose to seek out a company that was fully-insured with workman’s compensation. They found Livick Tree Service online. Impressed by our reviews, they scheduled us to remove seven trees on their property.

Here at Livick Tree Service, we pride ourselves on our customer service.
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Prior to beginning this project, Livick Tree service laid down 4'x8' mats designed to distribute weight for up to 60-ton vehicles. The mats protect the lawn along with any shallow utilities underground. When using these mats, it's nearly impossible to see where the trucks drove in and out. We parked our bucket truck on the mats and removed the top portion of the trees using the bucket truck. The bottom portion of each tree was easily removed from the ground. Each stump was ground using a 115HP John Deere Turbo Diesel stump grinder. We grind down approximately 12-15 inches on each stump—compared to most other tree services grinding down just 6-10 inches. We also took care of the taper surrounding the stump, which is essentially the shallow roots heaving the ground up. We have found many other tree services do not consider this aspect of a stump and we are often called in to fix "volcanoes" because of this.
Once the stumps were ground-down properly, we back-filled each hole with topsoil and then topped them off with grass-seed and straw. After finishing the stumps, we utilized the biggest backpack blowers on the market to ensure the property was immaculate. For our cleanup, we also utilize a mini-skid loader on tracks. Most other tree services utilize a full-size skid loader on tires, which will leave big ruts in the yard and can do a great deal of damage. Our mini skid loader is 4-6 times lighter than a full-sized skid loader. Here at Livick Tree Service, we pride ourselves on our customer service. If you've tried other tree services and they're just not meeting your needs, reach out to us. Solution image for projectVillage Green Apartments